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At nCino, every employee is empowered to be the best he, she or they can be.

Where Do You Fit

Explore each department at nCino to learn more about their unique focus and discipline.

Product Development and Engineering Team

Product Development and Engineering

Led by Trisha Price, nCino's product development and engineering (PDE) team includes developers, designers, product managers, business analysts, scrum masters, quality assurance professionals and release managers. This team is responsible for the innovation and development of the nCino Bank Operating System. As a member of PDE, you would be an essential part of a high-performing team that utilizes the agile development methodology and banking expertise to solve problems in addition to designing, developing and delivering a product that enables financial institutions to be more efficient.

Professional Services, Training, Support & Customer Success Team

Professional Services, Training, Support & Customer Success

Led by Sean Desmond, these teams support every customer throughout their nCino journey. This department is comprised of project managers, implementation consultants, integration advisors, support engineers, trainers and customer success managers who collectively possess decades of banking, technology and Salesforce experience. Defined by their drive to create an outstanding customer experience, this department is focused on implementation, adoption, problem solving and maximizing the value of the nCino Bank Operating System by providing the best service possible to each nCino customer and client base.

Americas Sales, Sales Enablement and Sales Operations Team

Americas Sales, Sales Enablement and Sales Operations

Led by Josh Glover, these teams are responsible for driving new business and helping to manage account relationships by showcasing how nCino helps financial institutions achieve their goals. These teams maintain close relationships with existing clients in the U.S. and Canada to ensure nCino is exceeding expectations. Possessing decades of banking and technology experience, these teams are experts in financial services. With the support of product specialists and sales engineers who understand the depth and breadth of the nCino Banking Operating System, the sales team acts as an advisor to each financial institution to help identify and understand their unique needs, challenges, goals and opportunities.

Marketing, Recruiting and Business Development Team

Marketing, Recruiting and Business Development

Led by Jonathan Rowe, this unique department includes professionals from marketing, recruiting, technical writing and business development. Marketing oversees all aspects of the nCino global brand including public relations, social media, product marketing, graphic design, conferences and events. The recruiting team strives to enhance our company culture and hire the best employees through an unmatched recruiting experience. nCino Community, Knowledge and Tech Writing is responsible for creating a more unified customer experience by giving financial institutions and partners an opportunity to interact and access a diverse library of information on the platform. The business development group is responsible for lead generation, account management and developing new relationships with financial institutions worldwide.

Channels and Alliances

Led by Davis Brannan, the channels and alliances team believes that a strong and vibrant partner ecosystem is crucial to success as we work with financial institutions around the world. With a focus on evaluating, developing, training, onboarding and building a strong partner ecosystem, the channels and alliances team works with a variety of partners across the globe to sell, deliver and globalize the nCino Bank Operating System and remain on the cutting edge of financial services trends and research.

Operations, HR, Legal and Accounting Team

Operations, HR, Legal and Accounting

Led by David Rudow and Greg Orenstein, these diverse teams are responsible for nCino's legal counsel, accounting and finance activities including annual financial audits and all procurement and contract-related efforts. The human resources function supports all employees and their benefits, as well as corporate development activities and employee well-being. This department and its team members are a key reason why nCino has received multiple awards for its incredible work environment.

Information Technology Team

Information Technology

Led by Izak Cronier, the information technology (IT) team includes systems administrators, developers and IT specialists. The IT department is responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining nCino's internal cloud infrastructure, applications and client environments, company laptops and devices, and disaster recovery procedures. In addition, this team maintains nCino's SOC 2 Type II and ISO certifications and ensures the company exceeds all standards for security and business continuity planning at all of nCino’s international locations.

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