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Bank Operating System®

nCino's Bank Operating System is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that addresses today's banking challenges and opportunities.
Click on the image components below to see how nCino works.
nCino Bank Operating System®
Built as a single, multi-tenant SaaS platform, the nCino Bank Operating System transforms the way financial institutions operate, go to market and interact with their clients digitally across commercial, small business and retail banking. As a single, multi-tenant cloud platform the Bank Operating System provides client onboarding, analytics, loan origination and deposit account opening applications that span lines of business and across channels, streamlining employee, client and third-party interactions and driving increased profitability, efficiency, transparency and regulatory compliance across a financial institution. The nCino Bank Operating System was designed by bankers who understand how financial institutions operate and delivers a significant and measurable return on investment.
  • Improve financial results
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Manage risk and compliance more effectively
  • Establish a data, audit and business intelligence hub
Stakeholders and Channels
The nCino Bank Operating System connects financial institution employees, clients and third parties such as lawyers, appraisers, brokers, and regulators on a single, permission driven, cloud-based platform, eliminating silos and bringing new levels of coordination and transparency to all stakeholders. By utilizing a single platform across business lines, processes and channels, banks and credit unions are able to leverage the same data and information across their entire organization and each channel from online and mobile, to the branch and call center. This unified platform provides all of the functionality necessary to complete mission-critical workflow, enabling client onboarding, loan origination, deposit account opening, analytics and compliance.
  • Digitally enabled across channels from anywhere and on any device
  • Increases efficiency and reduces operating costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Vastly improves the client, employee, and third party experience
nCino Applications
Built into the nCino Bank Operating System is client onboarding, loan origination and account opening functionality that supports the front, middle and back office across commercial, small business, and retail banking. The onboarding process allows financial institutions to effectively evaluate the risk of doing business with a client while providing clients an efficient and personalized user experience. The loan origination functionality combines an innovative and intuitive framework with automated workflows, checklists, document management, analytics and real-time reporting to provide a complete, end-to-end loan origination system from application, to underwriting, to adjudication, to document preparation, to closing. The deposit account opening application optimizes the process for opening accounts and allows clients to open a deposit account digitally, across any device via mobile or online, in a branch, or through a call center, with speed and flexibility.
  • Grow revenue through client acquisition and increased wallet share
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increase efficiency and decrease loan cycle times
  • Reduce risk and regulatory exposure
nCino Platform
Business process automation provides workflow to define, streamline and connect business processes across the front, middle and back office operations. Within the nCino platform, workflow initiates and completes tasks in an efficient and effective manner. Compliance and risk management tools provide audit, analytics and snapshot capabilities to more effectively manage internal regulation and risk, the examination process and overall compliance standards. An intelligent enterprise content management system includes a standardized filing system across applications, providing instant and ongoing access to digital documentation and checklists. A 360-degree client view and reporting capabilities help institutions break down internal silos and have visibility into the entire client banking relationship. The reporting capabilities in the nCino platform provide a view into a financial institution's portfolio and pipeline to more effectively manage and measure operational performance and forecasting. By leveraging open APIs and productized integrations, nCino creates an open ecosystem that brings together disparate data sources and systems, acting as a data hub that integrates with core systems, credit reporting agencies and other third-party applications to centralize a financial institution's data.
  • Single platform across business lines
  • End to end digital experience for all channels
  • Open APIs create a primary data source and warehouse
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and cost savings
nCino IQ (nIQ)
nIQ uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase efficiency through automation and provide insights through analytics across a financial institution's front, middle and back office to empower employees to respond to client needs more quickly and remain compliant. Leveraging optical character recognition technology, financial institutions can utilize nIQ to automate data extraction, providing new levels of automation in underwriting and greatly reducing loan origination timeframes. Financial institutions can also leverage predictive analytics to measure performance and monitor risk across the organization, including assessing the credit risk and cash flows of loans and supporting automated loan decisioning. nIQ provides information when it's needed, at the point of interaction, allowing employees to focus on their client's needs with increased levels of personalized, predictive data.
  • Proactively manage credit and compliance risk
  • Improve efficiency with data-driven decisions
  • Data driven early warning system
  • Accelerate employee actions
"We work closely with nCino to transform our product offerings on a platform that we trust, and is accompanied by a seamless, easy-to-use process for both customers and employees."
Jim Collins, Executive Vice President and Chief Administration Officer, Customers Bank
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